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The cockle or verdigón (Cerastoderma edule) is a bivalve mollusk of the cardid family, present on all our coasts and widely consumed, especially canned.
This mollusk is known for its characteristic medium-sized shell, with 22-28 well-marked ribs and numerous ridges with fine and irregular concentric lines.

The valves are convex, asymmetrical. The right valve has 2 main teeth, 2 anterolateral and 2 posterior.
The ligament is large, forming an arcuate band of dark brown color. The bills are strongly incurved, and the muscle impressions are the same size and are joined by a continuous paleal line. The hinge is of the heterodont type. It has two gills and each of them is formed by a series of lamellae welded by interlamellar connections.

The color of the shells is very varied, from dirty white, through pale yellow to dark brown. The border of the growth lines is darker. The interior is white, showing a brown spot in the area of the posterior abductor muscle.
They inhabit shallow, sandy salty waters or soils rich in fine gravel, which usually do not exceed 10 m depth. The bays and also the coastal lagoons are its habitat of choice, having the capacity to adapt to waters of different salinities such as estuaries or estuaries, with the peculiarity that where this mollusk lives, the groups of cockles are considerably large, with populations per square meter, much higher than other bivalve species.

It extends from the Barents Sea and the Baltic Sea area, along the entire Atlantic fringe until it reaches Mauritania and, to a lesser extent, along the Mediterranean coast.
Like all bivalve molluscs, it feeds on the micronutrients contained in the water and on the seabed, inhaling it with a siphon and exhaling the water with the sand with the waste once the nutrients contained in the water have been extracted.

Regarding its consumption, it predominates canned, although it is also very widespread, its intake cooked and with lemon, highlighting the protein contribution of this animal, since 100 grams are equivalent to 16 grams of protein, as well as omega 3 , calcium, iron, sodium and vitamins A, B3, B9, B12 and E.