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Marine aquaculture is carried out on the high seas (Off shore) with intensive use of technology and in coastal areas such as estuaries, marshes and estuaries.

Entorno de La Salicornia

In this way, marine farming contributes in an essential way to the conservation of the environment, the diversity of native flora and fauna and contributing to the enhancement of these habitats, for which reason aquaculture activity also constitutes a fundamental tool for compliance with the global goals, set out in the 20/30 Agenda.

Esteros la Salicornia, develops its production work in various locations in the provinces of Cádiz and Huelva, always in transformed marshes or estuaries, located in protected areas such as Natural Parks and ZEPA (Special Bird Protection Zone) areas where it develops ecological aquaculture, with zero impact on the environment, and multitrophic, as its mollusk production activity is combined with the existence of aquatic and terrestrial animal and plant species, endogenous to these ecosystems.